Mukesh Khanna (Actor, Producer)

It is true one has to first find out whether one has seeds of acting in one self or not. It is a self discovery. I have seen stragglers coming from all over India. It’s tough time for them as they are away from their homes, nervous not knowing how to cop up with fast running pace of Mumbai. After opening classes in all over India i felt if i can bring acting school in Mumbai their training would be in a better comfortable and secured atmosphere. and once they acquire the finer points of acting tips on how to face Mumbai, they would meet producers, directors or casting directors in a better confident manner and their chances of success would multiply ten folds. hence i floated this idea and open acting class in Mumbai, which is situated in Andheri west, so i concern that when they move to Mumbai then join with us and get here fruitful Advice’s and guidance from there to pursue their struggle in Mumbai. youth all over India are friends of Shaktimaan and they trust him.

Why We Are !

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